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Our View: Tragic crash gives pause, reason to reflect

You couldn't help but be alarmed.

When news broke last week that a man had been run over by an SUV?in a Woodbury gas station parking lot, you likely were taken aback. Your second reaction may have been, "That could have been me."

After all, how many times do we find ourselves performing mundane tasks -- like walking from a gas pump to the register -- while we allow our minds to wander? Maybe we're digging out our wallets. Maybe we're checking text messages.

These are the times when it's easy to forget to put our heads on a swivel. It's also easy to be lulled into a state of false comfort in a place like a gas station parking lot. It's hardly the Indy 500, and we rely on the common sense of our fellow motorists to be responsible.

We don't know what led to last week's tragedy and we're not about to draw conclusions or point fingers. But we shouldn't ignore the opportunity to remind ourselves that we can't be too cautious as motorists or pedestrians.

It's also worth remembering that as the weather grows warmer and winter hazards melt away, we'll be more likely as drivers to let down our guard. We should resist that temptation and remember that our vehicles are capable of serious harm, as last week's incident illustrated.

Driving is a privilege and being a pedestrian also carries its own set of responsibilities. We'd all do well to remember that as we share our streets.