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Our View: Make wise choices in 2012

What a year it was.

As was chronicled in last week's Woodbury Bulletin, the community underwent countless changes in 2011. We said goodbye -- too early, always -- to many unforgettable members of the community. We learned Woodbury is now among the 10 largest cities in Minnesota, while the city embarked on a plan for more growth. Meanwhile, local schools learned major changes in leadership were ahead, while the district to our north -- District 834 -- accepted the will of voters when a major levy measure there failed.

All this and more catapults us ahead to 2012.

This week's edition takes a long, detailed look at what lies ahead.

One common denominator cutting across almost all the categories will be elections. In the fall, local voters will go to the polls to elect a president, a U.S.senator, U.S. House members, state legislators, Washington County commissioners and city council members from Woodbury and Afton.

Elections don't get much bigger than this.

Now might be a good time to begin thinking about your priorities as a voter. What's meaningful to you? Do you vote with your pocketbook? With your heart? Are you an issues-based voter?

Indeed, candidates of all stripes will be out to earn your trust -- and vote. Don't take the consideration lightly.

We've already begun to see new candidates emerge, reminding us that November will come sooner than we think. As if that reminder can't come early enough, just remember that the first major step in selecting a Republican presidential candidate happened on Tuesday in Iowa.

What will 2012 bring? We're not naive enough to believe this year in politics will be squeaky clean. Our New Year's wish simply is that voters will take the time this year to make educated choices.