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Our View: Generosity plentiful in Woodbury during holidays

Take a bow, Woodbury. You're a generous bunch.

This week in the paper we feature not one, but two stories of generosity. That comes after two previous weeks of similar coverage that we're happy to share with the community. Let's take a brief trip down memory lane and remember the acts of generosity that made news in the Woodbury Bulletin.

- A group of Bailey Elementary students who made blankets for the homeless.

- A Woodbury woman leading the charge to collect comforts of home for soldiers in Afghanistan.

- A group of Woodbury churchgoers who donate their time to collecting funds for the Salvation Army.

- A Woodbury boy who sought donations to the city's K-9 unit rather than birthday presents.

- The Woodbury Community Foundation teamed up with an organization collecting items for army soldiers.

- A women's group partnered with a local private school to make blankets for the homeless.

Do you detect a trend? Indeed, generosity in Woodbury seems to be contagious. These are the kinds of stories that we think always deserve to be told. Not because the organizers seek the recognition - they rarely do - but because the community deserves to know about the positive things happening around us.

To those of you who continue toiling to make life a little easier for those who struggle: keep up the good work. We know you're not in it for the glory, but we'll keep making sure to provide credit where credit is due.