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OUR VIEW: Be safe, smart during homecoming

Two Woodbury schools are settling in for one of the most high-spirited times of the year: homecoming.

East Ridge High School celebrates its homecoming this week, while Woodbury High School's festivities are set for next week. It's a time students and alumni revel in - when school spirit trumpets throughout the hallways and, eventually, out into the bleachers under the Friday night lights.

We hope every Royal and Raptor has a ball during their homecoming festivities.

We'd simply urge a note of caution as students amp up for their respective celebrations. Just last week we witnessed homecoming festivities at Park High School nearly come to a screeching halt amid rumors of dangerous student pranks. That's taking things a bit too far.

Similarly, some students will also choose to ring in homecoming with alcohol - a substance that often leads to things going too far, especially for young people poorly equipped to handle it, even in moderation. We'd urge parents to talk with their kids about positive activities that don't involve getting tanked. To the students who invariably will drink, we can only urge you to keep your safety - and the safety of others around you - in focus. Most of all, that means not drinking and driving.

We also remind parents of young people that Woodbury households no longer are bastions of legal alcohol consumption; a local law passed last month now prohibits parents from becoming so-called "social hosts" to underage drinking and imposes legal consequences for those who do.

It's all about being smart while you have fun. At the end of each Woodbury football game, head coach Andy Hill reminds his players to be smart after they leave the field. He doesn't want his players jeopardizing their eligibility, but more importantly, he doesn't want them putting themselves and others in dangerous situations.

It's a simple message, but one that should resonate with the rest of us.