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Letters to the editor for Jan. 12

An honor and a privilege to serve

To the good people of District 56A: I was sworn in as your new state representative last Tuesday. It is indeed an honor and a privilege to serve you. It is also a tremendous responsibility, and one that I take very seriously.

During the campaign, I had the pleasure of meeting thousands of you personally, many at your homes. Repeatedly it was made clear that big government and high taxes are not acceptable, and we need a significant change of direction.

That message was sent loud and clear across our state, so we must now get to work. The citizens of this district and state are clearly looking for smart government that lives within its means. With your continued support, that job can get done.

My committee assignments are Health and Human Services Finance and Reform; State Government Finance; and the Veterans Services Division. In addition, I will be working hard on many of the other issues that are important to you.

Let me thank you all for the opportunity to represent you in the Minnesota House. Regardless of your vote, I am committed to serving everyone with integrity, common sense, and to making every effort to bring jobs and a strong economy back to Minnesota.

I would also like to thank my campaign team and the volunteers who helped deliver my message of limited government and fiscal responsibility. Without that, this opportunity would not be possible.

A firm believer in open and honest communication, I value your input as we address our issues during the coming months. Together we can do it, and do it right.

Thank you again for the honor and privilege of representing you.

Kathy Lohmer

State Representative 56A

Focusing on jobs, economy

Citizens of Woodbury and Landfall: as we talked last summer, I said that transparency and communication are key to effective governance in any realm. I honor that promise as I represent you at our state's Capitol in the House of Representatives. This will be the first of many viewpoints intended o keep you informed regarding "hot topics" at the Legislature.

On Jan. 4th all members for the 2011 legislative session were sworn in, and committees officially commenced. The Minnesota state website is full of information about committees, chairs, and members. There is also contact information for legislators. Please visit:

Right now, the "hot topics" are jobs and the economy. Putting Minnesotans back to work and strengthening our economy is my primary focus. Additionally, I will serve on the following committees: Commerce and Regulatory Reform; Jobs and Economic Development Finance; Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy; and Finance and Education Reform.

The meeting schedule can be found on the above website. Also, if you would like to have weekly updates directly from me, please subscribe by clicking on the link at:

I always enjoy hearing from you; I can be reached at or by phone at (651) 296-1147.

Andrea Kieffer

State Representative 56B