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Letters to the editor for Nov. 17

Spanish Immersion should not trump traditional education

I attended a PTO meeting on Nov. 9 and found out that the school board may decide to close Woodbury Elementary or Royal Oaks Elementary and turn the school into a Spanish Immersion School by fall of 2011. This information was released to the public due to an article in the Woodbury Bulletin within the last few days.

The School Board will vote on this issue on December 16. Why the rush? By allowing the Spanish Immersion program to have its own building for an elective experimental educational choice, all the students in Woodbury will be effected. Woodbury will have to be redistricted and kids with schools in their own backyards will be bused to a school across town. This doesn't make sense! All due to a small Spanish immersion program of 360 students that would like to have their own building. I'm sorry, but my tax dollars built the schools in Woodbury, and I as a taxpayer should have a vote in a referendum to give the program its own building or not.

The Spanish Immersion program does not have the right to overcrowd the rest of Woodbury's classrooms to make room for their small elective educational program.

The state of Minnesota is required to fund public education, but it is not required to fund an elective educational program at the expense of the traditional student majority.

Carrie Moore


Ohs thanks supporters

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the residents of Woodbury who voted to re-elect me to the Woodbury City Council.

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you for another four years. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who supported my campaign by helping with the campaign, allowing me to place lawn signs, contributing financially and for their encouragement and kind words.

I am also appreciative to the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters and the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission who held forums or provided air time so the candidates could present their views which in turn helped voters make informed choices.

Thank you also to all the other candidates who put themselves out there and were willing to become involved, I hope you will stay engaged.

Julie Ohs

Woodbury City Council member

Kieffer thanks supporters

This month, we celebrate two very important holidays: Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.

These holidays remind us to cherish our country, for freedom is not free. Thank you United States military veterans everywhere.

Our neighbors who were willing to take the risk and run for local offices deserve a "thank you" as well.

It is no easy task to campaign and accept public scrutiny. Win, lose, or recount, I hope it was a rewarding experience and that others have been inspired to take an active role in our government of the people.

I would also like to thank Marsha Swails for her dedication and service at our State House during the past 4 years. She started necessary dialogue regarding real education reform in Minnesota, and I hope these ideas will continue to gain momentum.

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.

Andrea Kieffer

Representative-elect, 56B