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Letters to the editor for Nov. 10

Owens congratulates new mayor, thanks voters

The past three months I have been competing for the mayor's seat on the Woodbury City Council. During these three months I met some wonderful people.

Congratulations to Mary Giuliani Stephens. You won a decisive victory, did it graciously and with "style." I appreciate those characteristics in our leaders. I am sure you will be wildly successful and will be an excellent mayor for our city.

Thank you to the Woodbury Bulletin, The League of Women Voters, and the South Washington Telecommunications Commission for giving all of us forums to explain who we are and what we think; giving all of us an equal footing in this democracy. You made a difference.

City administrator Clint Gridley, clerk Kim Blaeser and many other employees of Woodbury helped me and the other candidates through briefings and documents. Thank you for your service and dedication to fairness. I appreciate each of you.

Finally, thanks to the 3,100 citizens who gave me their vote, and the hundreds and hundreds more who greeted me at their homes and shared their Woodbury stories with me. Your confidence, trust and openness overwhelm me and I will cherish it forever.

Tom Owens


Kudos to outgoing legislators for job well done

I want to express my deep appreciation and respect for three legislators who will not be returning after the latest election: Julie Bunn, Marsha Swails, and Kathy Saltzman. They have been thoughtful and intelligent in their analysis of problems within the state and have worked extremely diligently in pursuing solutions for the good of all Minnesotans. They have been active in working on education issues, healthcare issues, and economic growth/small business issues. I salute you for your public service and offer my heartfelt thanks for your exceptional contributions.

Judy Whalen


Wackerfuss campaign lit drop not appreciated

Do you know how I can get a hold of Mark Wackerfuss who was running for City Council? I want to ask him when he is coming back to my neighborhood to pick up his litter.

As part of his campaign someone pinned up "Wackerfuss for Woodbury" cards on all of the mailboxes in my development. Maybe this is part of Wackerfuss' plan of creating jobs in Woodbury as the cards won't remove themselves.

If you see Mark or have contact information for him, I'd appreciate it if he could get this message.

Matt Howe


Swails thanks constituents, congratulates Kieffer

I will always cherish these four wonderful years serving in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

I want to thank so many for their support and trust, allowing me to fight for things that will make our community and state a better place. I am most proud of my long battle to build the Prairie St. John's mental health hospital for children and teenagers. If one young person's life is saved as a result, my four years will have been well served. Additionally, knowing that we now have a process for homeowners to get remediation for construction defects without having to go to court is also the result of four years of hard work. The signing ceremony in Gov. Tim Pawlenty's office this summer capped that effort. Another bill I chief authored created the Collaborative Governance Council, a mechanism that is now in place to create efficiencies in local government. The national attention this bill garnered may create similar councils across the nation. I always did my best to reach across the aisle to build trust and friendship.

I extend my very best wishes to Andrea Kieffer and her family. Very few people have the opportunity to serve in this way. It will be the experience of a lifetime and I wish her well.

Rep. Marsha Swails,

House District 56B

Bunn reflects on service, thanks constituents

I want to sincerely thank the residents of House District 56A for the honor of serving as their state representative these past four years. My husband, Marlon, daughter, Lauren, and I love living in this wonderful community, with its natural beauty, sense of history and engaged people. My service as a legislator has only served to enhance this experience for all of us: I have been so blessed to be able to speak and meet with so many of you and to hear your personal stories, and we have been able to make many, many new friends.

I am proud of what, together, with so many others, I was able to accomplish for the citizens of our district and of Minnesota while serving in the legislature: through my work in the health and humans services area, progress on reining in health-care costs for businesses and families, and redesigning state programs to put them on a more sustainable, lower-cost footing for the future; through my work on licensing, fending off anti-competitive practices; and, through my work on business and tax issues, improving the business and jobs climate in our state.

I am also proud of the campaigns my team ran. I want to thank all those who shared my vision for moving our state forward for the gifts of your time, talents, financial support and good wishes.

My heart and door continue to be open to receive you all.

Rep. Julie Bunn

House District 56A

State representative-elect Lohmer thanks voters

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the people of District 56A for giving me the opportunity to represent you in the Minnesota House.

I have spoken with so many folks over the past 32 months and have enjoyed discussing the issues that are most important to you all. I have listened and now am excited to be able to go to St. Paul to actually do the things we've talked about.

I look forward to serving you with integrity and common sense. My message of limited government and fiscal responsibility, working to bring jobs and a strong and robust economy back to Minnesota will be the focus of my efforts. Thank you again for allowing me the honor and opportunity to represent you.

Kathy Lohmer

State representative-elect

House District 56A

Weik thanks voters for re-election to County Board

I want to express my sincere appreciation to my fellow Woodbury residents who re-elected me to the Washington County Board of Commissioners on Nov. 2. I am humbled by the strong support I received by voters in District 5, and consider it an honor and a privilege to represent you.

Thank you also to my campaign committee who gave their time, talent and energy toward my re-election bid. I couldn't have done it without your help or without the unwavering support of my wonderful family and friends. I also want to remember the memory of my late father who passed away last March after a very long battle with heart disease. He was my biggest supporter and I thought of him often as I worked hard canvassing my district, sometimes in record-breaking heat.

I also want to express my sincere appreciation to my opponent, Kelly Monkman, for running a clean, issues-based campaign. I am grateful to have debated relevant issues in several public formats for citizens to cast an informed vote. Kelly Monkman is to be commended for his years of volunteer service in our community and I look forward to future civic work together as active members of the Woodbury Lions Club.

As your county commissioner, I will continue to be a dedicated, hard working and community-oriented representative who will use a common-sense and collaborative approach to solving issues. I also welcome the opportunity to work with our city leaders and newly elected local officials to continue partnering on challenges for the betterment of our city and county, especially during these difficult economic times.

Lisa Weik

Washington County commissioner, District 5