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Letter: Many thanks to Woodbury police/EMS

My family and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of the personnel responding to a terrifying emergency Wednesday, Jan. 29th.

I'm sure for all involved it won't soon be forgotten. As an emergency department registered nurse, I know there is nothing more frightening than a dispatch call for a child with "CPR in progress."

All too often, the most horrible experiences stay fresh in everyone's memories and the closure of knowing your care made a difference is not often heard.

Well, your care made a difference in one little dude's life and this family is forever grateful. My nephew is walking, talking, and throwing stuffed animals from his hospital bed and hopes to be back in his own bed this week. Nothing short of amazing!

Special thanks to dispatch for calling the airlines to get dad off the tarmac at MSP. Probably not part of your "job duties"-but the gesture meant everything. Dad was able to de-plane and not spend a night pacing and worrying from across the country.

Jessica Runyon