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Letter: City should clear hydrants from snow banks

Why isn't the local fire department shoveling out the city's fire hydrants after snow falls?

Nearly all of the fire hydrants are so blocked by snow and ice all you can see is a small red rod sticking out of the snow banks.

With so many house fires reported in the news I think our city should be out there cleaning out those fire hydrants as soon as possible.

How long could this take? Maybe 3-5 minutes each?

What does our fire department do 24/7 when they are not on a call?

There are four fire stations in the Woodbury area with a number of full-time fighters and plenty of paid on-call firefighters. I think they could take some time to clear out those fire hydrants.

I keep the fire hydrant in front of my house shoveled out at after every snow fall. Clearing about a 5-foot square clearing around the fire hydrants takes me about five minutes, but at least I know I'm safe.

Michael Miller