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Our View: New Year's resolution - Support local commerce

It should have been no surprise this past year that, given the economic downturn that has swept across numerous industries throughout the nation, the commercial landscape in Woodbury would eventually feel some of those trickle-down effects.

But could anyone have predicted the foreclosure of the Woodbury Lakes shopping center (which eventually found a new owner)? How about the closing of a handful of local banks, big box retailers and several independently-owned stores? And don't forget about the delay or halting of anticipated commercial projects (Aperitif restaurant, Super Target).

The year 2009 was tough on much of the commercial landscape in Woodbury. And it's evident from our perspective here at the newspaper that, although many area businesses are continuing to thrive, others are struggling to stay afloat as consumers look to stretch their hard-earned dollars as far as possible, searching for quality value at lower prices, wherever those lower prices may be.

That's why in 2010 we encourage area residents to work a little harder to keep their shopping dollars here in Woodbury.

If you find you need to purchase goods and services, find ways to do so in Woodbury.

Over the last decade, commercial developers have chosen this community because they see value in its residents and opportunity for continued growth. The recent contraction of the national economy and resulting tightening of pockets books has affected those aspirations for growth. But if local residents find ways to spend dollars at businesses located here in Woodbury, those dollars can add up to a major impact not only for individual businesses but for the overall health of the commercial landscape.

The mantra "business creates more business" has proven itself in Woodbury over the years as the community has become somewhat of a nexus for shopping in the east metro. We value the ability for consumers to save money where they find the opportunities to do so. But we also value the ideal of supporting the community you live in.

So as you prepare to make that next purchase in the next town over or online, make sure you've first sought out the opportunities provided for you by retailers right here in town.

Little by little, with your support for local businesses, Woodbury can continue to fight through a rough economic climate that has had national and global impact.

Whether the larger economy can bounce back in 2010 remains to be seen. But we can do something here in Woodbury to soften the blow to local businesses and/or help them continue to thrive, by shopping local.