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Letters to the Editor for Dec. 9

U.S. Census forms will be sent to all addresses nationwide in March. Snow birds, as we call those of us who winter in warmer climates, will encounter a situation where they will receive a form at home and at their temporary place of residence. What do they do?

It is important that they complete the form from the place they regard as their permanent residence. If they fill it out in Arizona, Florida, etc., even if the address is changed to the Minnesota address it still counts for the state it was completed in.

Census data is used by the federal government to allocate funding to state and local governments and helps in decision making by businesses and communities for development and infrastructure. More importantly, Minnesota is in jeopardy of losing one of eleven Congressional seats. Therefore, dear snow birds, wait until you are back in your permanent residence to fill out the Census Form. It is in all our hands, every person counts.

Helga Emrich

League of Women Voters of Woodbury-Cottage Grove