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Letters to the Editor for Nov. 25

Schools are not a political arena

In response to Linda Stanton's Nov. 18 letter ("Partisan endorsements were fair game..."), yes, of course "everyone has a political view." Everyone also has a race, a gender, and for most, a religion, all of which color one's views whether serving on a school board or anywhere else.

Should a candidate then campaign for the school board on the basis of their church affiliation or skin color? Ideally a school board should have representation from a variety of people who all have the common focus of putting kids first. The comments such as those by Ms. Stanton about "taxpayer money" and a "liberal agenda" pretty much tell us where the focus of the Republican Party was in their endorsements. Schools are not a political arena.

Carol Turnbull


All is fair in love, war and school board elections

In her Nov. 11 letter Kay Myhrman-Toso whined about endorsements for school board elections.

Kay, tell the unions to stop spending money on elections and we'll call it even.

Steve Ellenwood


Decrease speed limit near new high school

The new East Ridge High School and additional playing fields at Bielenberg Sports Center (BSC) have been tremendous additions to our community. Along with them has come a great deal of new traffic patterns - particularly to the area of Bailey Road (CR-18) between Woodbury Drive (CR-19) and Tower Drive (the roundabout).

The new stop light at Pioneer and Bailey was a wise and necessary addition. However, I believe it fell short of all that should be done to provide safety for motor vehicles and pedestrians alike.

I am proposing a posted speed limit of no more than 40 mph be set for the stretch of Bailey Road between Woodbury Drive - or at least Fairway and Tower drives (the roundabout). This lower speed limit would delay a car minimally over that stretch.

However, with the increase in number of motorized vehicles, varying experience of those drivers from beginners on up, the turn off at teh BSC's Bailey Road entrance, and the fact that a 55 mph posted speed limit can actually mean closer to 60 mph, I believe there is a strong case to change that speed limit.

We are very fortunate that there has not been a major accident along that stretch of Bailey Road. By doing nothing, quite frankly, a tragedy is what we can expect.

Jeffrey Travis


Orput is the right man for county attorney job

As a retired sergeant from the Washington County Sheriff's Office I am extremely proud that Pete Orput is running for Washington County Attorney.

I spent years working with Pete when he was an assistant Washington County Attorney. He was an excellent advocate for victims and citizens of Washington County. He was a prosecutor who worked tirelessly with law enforcement to insure our cases were prepared and solid.

I speak from experience as a former investigative sergeant when I say it makes a difference when you have a prosecutor that works with the investigators as a team.

We need a top prosecutor who remembers what it's like in the trenches. We need a prosecutor who has management and fiscal experience to focus the resources toward safe streets and safe schools. We need Pete Orput as Washington County Attorney.

Richard Peterson