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Letters to the Editor for Nov. 4

Restaurant owner's "naked sushi" event is inappropriate

Where is the outrage when a local, and to date, family friendly restaurant in Woodbury advertises an all-you-can-eat "naked sushi" dinner ("Local restaurant to host 'naked sushi"'night Nov. 7")?

Regardless of where else this so-called fad is being practiced, or how weak our local laws and codes are to prevent it, why is there no effort to stop this lurid event?

It is devised only to appeal to the prurient interests of those with such a lewd, lustful, and licentious nature that they would pay $50 to pick their meal from a "...naked (or nearly naked) woman or man..." that otherwise might cost them only $25.00 when eaten off a clean china plate!

Totally beside the point is the fact that, on the night in question, the restaurant will be closed to "normal business" and the capacity crowd of 75 must all be at least 21 years of age. For the good of our community, I sincerely hope and pray that Henry Chan, the owner of said restaurant, will come to his senses and realize that this event, no matter how fashionable elsewhere, is not appropriate; especially not in a family friendly community like Woodbury. Should this travesty take place as planned, Mr. Chan can be sure that I and my family will cease to be patrons of his establishment. Finally, I would hope that many of our duly-elected representatives and appointees of this great community would publicly voice their opposition to Mr. Chan's ill conceived plan.

Francis Moudry


Parent doesn't want earlier bus times

As a parent of a 6th grader in middle school, I have to say that I am not in favor of changing the middle school start times to 15 minutes earlier. As it is, my son gets up before 6:00 a.m. to catch his bus at 7:17 a.m. When he arrives at school, he has 15 minutes until school starts.

Are you really sure that it is in the best interest of the students to make them get up even earlier because of a mistake made by the Transportation department? Come on, school board! Let's really look at this and not make a hasty decision because it's the easiest option. We are talking about what's in the best interest of the students, right?

Mary Jane Brown


Kudos to Saltzman for reading award

I don't know how many of us caught the article, but state Sen. Kathy Saltzman, has just received a highly regarded achievement award from the National Association of Reading First, a national group that advocates for new methods of teaching children to read.

Kathy and her fellow legislator Gen Olson from Minnetrista, initiated and had legislation passed that would require our young teachers to demonstrate competency in teaching reading before they can receive their license.

They were told by many of our young teachers that they are ill equipped to teach the 30 percent of the children who struggle to learn to read, and that school districts must often send them to literacy workshops before they enter the classrooms. It appears that our teachers' colleges have failed to teach. It makes one wonder about the rest of the basics, as they seem well versed in all the political correctness, self esteem and feel-good stuff and how to support their union and how to vote, but there seems to be a breakdown on how to teach.

Where have our school administrators been all these years?

We can only implore both senators Saltzman and Olson that along with trying to run our state they cast their vision toward writing and arithmetic.

Kudos to Kathy, a DFLer who will receive this old Republican's vote.

John Penas