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Viewpoint: Halloween at 28 isn't the same as age 8

I'm about to date myself here. I was 10 years old when nearly 30 inches of snow fell on me and everybody else I knew on Halloween. That year I dressed as a hockey player, which made sense to my parents because my squirt team had a scheduled practice the night of Halloween (yes, my parents made sure I attended).

The Oct. 31 blizzard of 1991 is one of those events where anyone you speak with who was old enough to remember can recall exactly what they were doing when it occurred. Of course, it makes it all that much more easy to remember the vivid details of such a tremendous weather event when it falls on your "big candy night," as some of us used to call it. Talk about raining on one's parade.

But it wasn't all that bad.

All day at school students stared out the windows of their respective classrooms to watch what started as singular snowflakes floating to the ground grow into waist-high snowdrifts.

We were released from school early enough to know that trick-or-treating would not be for the faint of heart that eve.

I remember my friends, brothers and I all decided to winterize our costumes before we paraded around our neighborhood. It's tough stretching a hockey jersey over a winter coat and shoulder pads.

We'd walk up to each door front and when the kind stranger opened the door and asked each of us what we were dressed as, they really meant it. It's hard to tell a vampire from a cowboy when they are both wearing winter hats, scarves and puffy Columbia jackets.

This will be the first year in my life where I will be handing out candy from my own front door. My wife and I don't plan to decorate anything spooky around the house, but I'm making sure we are generous with the Reese's peanut butter cups and Snickers. Two of my favorites.

I checked the forecast for this weekend and noticed it calls for lows in the mid-30s and a chance of snow-rain mix. Doesn't sound pleasant from my current vantage point. But I'd like to continue to think that, especially at the trick-or-treating age, inclimate weather only firms up the resolve of the hordes of the costumed candy seekers.

I know it won't happen this time around, but I'd love to see a foot or two of the white stuff dump on us on another Halloween just to see how the youth respond 18 years later.