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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 28

Encouraged by ELCA stance on human sexuality

I support the ELCA's statement on human sexuality. I think most Christians would agree that God continues to be revealed to us throughout our lives through a variety of experiences.

Lines in a Christian song by Michael Card, led me to leave my job and seek another path in life. Christians find direction for their lives through an answer to prayer, to a song we hear, a book we read, or other life experiences. We find that God speaks to us and is revealed to us in many ways, but many seem afraid for God to be revealed through science. I think this statement in the ELCA statement separates though who support the ELCA statement from those that do not.

"We believe that God also provides insights to us through reason, imagination, the social and physical sciences, cultural understanding, and the creative arts (Philippians 4:8). One reason Lutherans have engaged so deeply in education and research is that we believe God works through such means to guide us in reading Scripture and in understanding how we will live in a world of continuing complexity and change."

I hope more Christians can come to accept insights that come to us through all forms of learning and expression, including science.

Winnie Williams


Support for Gillespie on Nov. 3

It pleases me to be able to recommend to the voters in our district that they support our children and our community by electing Alberder Gillespie to the South Washington County School board. Alberder has shown she is an unwavering supporter of public education, children rights and is extremely supportive of the educators that serve this district. She recognizes the strengths of this district and I know she will work to build on those strengths. She is also aware of the shortfalls that exist and is committed to working to ensure we overcome these challenges.

Alberder has worked with a number of Minnesota's colleges/universities, school districts and top corporations. She possesses an extensive knowledge of what is needed to ensure our students are prepared to compete in today's global society. I believe that she will bring a focus and viewpoint to the school board that will aid our children as they strive to excel in school and beyond. Electing Alberder Gillespie to the ISD 833 School Board would be in the best interest of our children and our community.

Terry Burns


Support for Kemper on Nov. 3

David Kemper is a great father to his kids and very devoted to the family. He would be a great School Board Member, he cares about the kids and their education.

Sue VanBuskirk

St. Croix Falls, Wis.

Support for Adou on Nov. 3

Marsha Adou is an outstanding school board member and should be re-elected to the South Washington School Board on November 3.

During her first term as a school board member Marsha has shown an exemplary command of the issues brought before the board. She comes to each meeting prepared to discuss each agenda item. It is very clear that Marsha has studied and researched the issues. Marsha represents every student and their well being. She is truly a strong advocate for the student, educational excellence and the community she represents.

For the past 19 years Marsha has supported School District 833 through her service and volunteerism. She has served on multiple committees in many capacities. I had the pleasure of meeting Marsha while serving on many committees with her. Her knowledge and understanding of the district enhanced each meeting. Marsha has always been an integral part of the committees she has been a part of.

Please vote November 3 to re-elect Marsha Adou.

V. O'Hare


Support for Gillespie on Nov. 3

I am a resident of Woodbury and a parent of a 15-year-old daughter who attends East Ridge High School.

Having lived in Washington County for the past 11 years, I can honestly say we have a great educational system for our children.

It is due to the commitment and dedication of community members, teachers, administrators and parents like Alberder Gillespie that has made that possible. I am therefore supporting Mrs. Gillespie in her run for District 833 School Board.

I have asked other friends and neighbors to do the same. Mrs. Gillespie has proven that she cares about the educational well being of our system and the children within it and I have no doubt she will continue.

Angel Uddin


Support for Gillespie on Nov. 3

Alberder Gillespie is actively involved as a parent leader in the South Washington County School District.

Currently, Alberder is a member of the East Ridge Site Team, ERAAVB board of directors, South Washington County Education foundation, MN2020 Education Fellow, and a member of the Academic Booster Club.

Alberder has invested her heart and soul in supporting our district. She is both knowledgeable about the direction our educational system should be taking and dedicated to seeing those changes take place. Alberder understands the challenges we face as a district and the challenges facing public education in general. Her education, volunteer, and professional experiences have provided her with background needed to face these challenges. She is a person of integrity and noble character who will be fair in her service to all students in the district.

As a former South Washington County Board member, she served on the Curriculum Advisory board, Schools for Equity in Education, Senior High Youth advisory Committee and the Special education advisory committee. During her tenure, Alberder welcomed parent and community involvement. Her honest and straightforward style was refreshing and much needed.

Alberder's educational and professional experiences will add value to Board and benefit the South Washington county community. I encourage you to join me on November 3rd in voting for Alberder Gillespie. She is the best choice for our children and I feel that her election to the school board will be a triumph for all.

Angel Uddin


Support for Gillespie on Nov. 3

I support Alberder Gillespie as a member of the ISD 833 school board. Alberder will bring a good balance to the school board. While athletics are important, she understands the need for more academic opportunities for all levels of students.

A School Board member literally defines the academic life of a student. Whether a high school will offer an international baccalaureate or an advanced placement program is decided by the School Board.

Should a new high school have a swimming pool? Are vending machines detrimental to the health of our middle and high school students? Can the school district afford free full day kindergarten? All issues, big and small are weighed upon by the School Board members.

This year there are several candidates for vying for four places on the School Board. I urge you to make the correct decision for our student population.

A vote for Alberder would make a difference and add a fresh voice to address the varied needs of ISD 833.

Manali Shah