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Letters to the Editor for Aug. 12

Open space means less property tax base

In regards to the Dale Properties real estate along the interstate (Aug. 5 Our View "County should partner with city to buy park land")

Please look at this space in terms of 30 years and consider how many millions of tax dollars will be lost to Washington County and the city of Woodbury, if we hastily sign off our rights to this property today.

We have dozens of great places for quiet green spaces and parks in Woodbury. Our valuable commercial real estate next to the noisy interstate might not be one of them.

Mary Mason Ahmann


Health care insurers are the problem

On Aug. 2, I was at the Washington County Fair where I was volunteering at the Democratic booth along side the wonderful state Representative Julie Bunn. While there, a carnival worker tried to hustle me out of fifty bucks at a game.

After looking at the Julie Bunn shirt I was wearing I went back and tried to talk to the manager for it was the right thing to do because I did not want other people to be cheated.

Thus, when he realized he was in trouble, gave me forty bucks back and I was able to keep my prize which was fair worthy at ten bucks.

But the problem is that health care is like that to a lot of folks because some private insurance companies are like carnival workers trying to squeeze out as much money as possible out of some people.

And when anyone declares the importance of government expansion of health care services and more industry regulation, you have people who claim that it is the problem of the sucker or the victim and not their concern. But sooner or later if these problems are not addressed, those critics soon are being hurt themselves.

So in conclusion, it is important to regulate and expand public health care options to keep private health care insurance providers on their toes so they do not become like carnies at a county fair.

William Labovitch

South St. Paul