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Letter: Requests of new MN GOP chair

Central control doesn't work -- where's the Soviet Union?

Central control doesn't work -- why are North Koreans starving?

Central control doesn't work -- why isn't Cuba's economy booming?

Central control doesn't work -- why are some states claiming sovereignty?

Since 2004, Minnesota's Republicans have lost seats in both the House and the Senate. Could this fact be because of the centralizing of power by Uncle Ronnie (Ron Carey)?

When will this fact be investigated to appreciate what central control has done to the state of Minnesota?

Will the new GOP administration understand the significant damage that's been done by the state GOP central control policy and change the way Minnesota's GOP conducts business?

As a member of Republican Senate District 56, I implore you Mr. Sutton, get off your behind and ask the BPOUs how you can help them instead of the other way around.

And to you, Mr. Brodkorb, I also ask that you get off your behind and do as Dorothy Fleming did, drive around the state asking what you can do to help the BPOUs instead of sitting and waiting for the BPOUs to approach you.

You gentlemen work for us, we don't work for you.

It's time the Republican Party of Minnesota stood up and explained to the people of Minnesota why the Republican Party is the party of the people.

It's time the power is returned to the people in the BPOUs if we are to turn from the undefinable, indefensible middle and back to the principles the Republican Party was founded on.

I expect you, Chairman Sutton, to take us there.

Steve Ellenwood