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Letter: Bush bungled everything? That's not true

Hey Steve Lagoon: You say "George W. Bush was one of the worst presidents‚ he bungled practically everything he touched."

We say: Would you have rather had eight years of Al Gore and John F. Kerry?

Do you think they would have kept us free from attacks by Islamofacists? Would they have found Saddam Hussein in his spider hole? (Who, by the way, was a threat and violated 17 UN Resolutions). Would they have selflessly sacrificed to help Afghanistan?

We are proud Republicans. No, we didn't agree with everything that Bush did but are not blaming the failures of the local party on him. Let's get our priorities straight and be realistic about the future.

If your argument is that George W. Bush and the Republicans spent money like drunken sailors, then we would agree with you. But to say he bungled everything he touched is simply not true.

Not only was his prosecution of the war right, he made some excellent Supreme Court selections. And, he would not allow our soldiers to be tried in the international court.

So, you are simply wrong in your assessment of Mr. Bush's presidency.

It leads me to question your Republicanism. Are you a Democrat in disguise? "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is symptomatic of those on the left. That sounds like you.

If you can get your nose out of your navel and stop blaming others, climb out of that negativity hole you've dug for yourself, you can help take back the presidency and our local seats in 2010 and 2012.

Yes, we do need leaders but with this kind of negativity, who would want to step up?

Message to Steve and others: Baby Boomers, grow up!

Linda Stanton and

Brian Marum