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Letter: Borrowing from our children

In recent opinion pieces, Brian Williams of West Lakeland and Kathy Lohmer, of Lake Elmo, have equated "revenues" to "taxes."

Neither seems to understand that the borrowed revenues the Governor brings to the table, to balance the budget, are a "buy-now-and-pay-taxes-later" scheme -- a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The irony of the current state budget negotiation is that the DFLers have actually proposed more cuts than our Governor.

That's right -- the DFL got religion after staring into the multi-billion-dollar, post-financial meltdown budget hole. Meanwhile the governor offers a short-sighted, bubble-builder plan, based on increasing our debt and using one-time (stimulus) funds.

How many Minnesotans think we should collectively run up our credit card balance? Why does the governor insist on spending money we don't have?

Republicans such as Kathy Lohmer and Brian Williams need to challenge the Governor on why he has failed to find more cuts, or more waste to trim from his budget proposals, because we will be paying the bill on all this borrowing for a very long time to come.

Miriam G. Simmons