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Letter: Bachmann's new political rivals

Democratic State Senator Katie Sieben works hard for her district's constituents which includes Afton and myself. She is not afraid to work in a non-partisan manner with Republicans like Afton's State Representative Denny McNamara.

However, when she wants to move projects along that help her constituents and the area's federal representative refuses to listen, it becomes frustrating.

And for Afton and Woodbury, it is Michele Bachmann who has turned an office of public service into a conspiracy-laden soapbox.

I bring this up now for two Democratic politicians are planning to run against her in 2010. The irony is that both have ties to the moderate Indepedendence party.

The first is Elwyn Tinklenberg, former state transportation secretary of Jesse Ventura, who lost by only two percent to Bachmann in 2008.

The second is Maureen Reed who was a former 2006 Lt. governor candidate with Peter Hutchinson. And while Republicans will claim ties to Obama, us Democrats are willing to let more independent moderates slide in conservative districts.

In conclusion, Bachmann needs to ousted and there are candidates now out who are perfect and will bring back that non-partisan spirit that my state senator needs.

William C. Labovitch

South St. Paul