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Letter: Legion flexed its poppy power

You've heard the expression, when the going gets tough the tough get going.

Well, the going was tough over the weekend of April 25, and the tough got going from Woodbury American Legion Post 501.

In the rain and cold they persevered and conducted their annual "Poppy Days" fund drive. And, once again, the greater Woodbury community responded with typical generosity and broke another contributions record in spite of increasingly dismal economic conditions.

The red poppy is distributed by the American Legion every year as a fundraiser.

It has been associated with veterans ever since the poem "In Flanders Fields" was written by Lt. Col. John McCrae following World War One.

Donations resulting from the distribution of poppies allow the American Legion to achieve its mission of supporting veterans and active military, their families and the communities within which they reside.

Having virtually no overhead expenses, the Woodbury American Legion is able to contribute better than 90 percent of its revenue towards carrying out its mission.

On behalf of the 127 legionnaires of Post 501, a special thanks to the citizens of Woodbury and its surrounding communities.

And a big thanks as well to those retailers in Woodbury who facilitated the poppy drive by allowing our presence at your facilities.

Because of you the Woodbury American Legion will continue to serve veterans well.

Tom Grezek Sr.

Post 501 Commander, Woodbury American Legion