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Letter: Lies are no laughing matter

It would be nice to dismiss Rep. Bachmann's assorted factual errors as amusing, but what she and her advisers are about is dead-serious: They wish to implant in the public mind sundry lies, such as the false "coincidence" connecting two Democrat presidents to the Swine Flu.

They know exactly what they are doing. They/She know the facts they're misrepresenting.

Bachmann seems more than willing to carry these viral messages, which are then duly reported, hopefully to stick in the minds of gullible consumers.

I happen to be from a Christian tradition, where we were taught that one can lie either by omission (leaving something important out) or commission (telling a whopper).

It is my understanding that in the Jewish tradition, a lie was an even bigger deal: assassination of one's character was a potential capital offense.

Lies are no laughing matter. Lies have consequences.

Three years or so ago my best friends in Woodbury relocated to another city solely because  their teenage daughter was being mercilessly hounded by teenage "friends" who did everything in their power to malign her.

Lies are no little deal.

Dick Bernard