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Letter: Kudos to Sen. Saltzman

Our DFL senator, Kathy Saltzman, appears to be doing everything she can to hold down the expected tax increase.

A recent newspaper description called her a moderate DFLer. Her vote and statement that the Senate went to far, attests to that description.

If Kathy continues on this course, I will have to reconsider my voting preference next election. While the House proposal that taxes everything under the sun is driving me nuts, at least the Senate only address income tax.

It makes you wonder if anybody in the House ever held a private sector job, and what was talked about at the dinner table when they were kids.

Though we can admire Pawlenty's no new tax statements, we can readily see that increased fees (taxes) and the transfer of other costs to local governments resulting in increased property taxes, question the validity of his no tax pledge.

I guess we all know our taxes will be going up, but the DFL statement that the increase will only return us to 1998 rates, would be more appropriate if accompanied with a pledge to cut and cancel all the additional changes they made to Health and Human Services and Education since 1998.

I don't recall anything drastically wrong with student achievement or anybody's health back in 1998.

As those items reflect 80 percent of the state budget, I would guess we would then not have a deficit.

When the final battle between the DFL and Pawlenty begins, we can only hope that good old common sense prevails resulting in deeper spending cuts and a less impacting tax increase.

John R. Penas