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Letter: Response to Murray's letter

This is in response to Renee Murray's letter, "Society served by gov't. agencies" (Bulletin, April 15.)

First of all, Renee needs to get her facts straight. I re-read (Kathy) Lohmer's editorial (Bulletin, March 25) three times and never found mention of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Secondly, if Renee isn't now painfully aware of the fact that the malaise we are currently enduring was caused by government (Republican and Democrat) policies, she must be getting her news from the mainstream media.

I would hardly define Wall Street financiers, government-sponsored enterprises (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and big bankers as "private sector."

The federal government was complicit in the failures of these institutions as well as the "Big Three" automakers.

The free market does work. The problem is it hasn't been a truly free market for a long, long time.

Rather than simply throw out generalizations, why doesn't she share with us what societal functions are best served by government and then support it with their track record?

I won't hold my breath since government has a mostly abysmal record of accomplishing anything short of being a great pick-pocket.

Private investment and ingenuity has been the machine that has driven this country for so much of its history.

It has brought the world farther in 200 years than any other country in the history of man.

Now the government Renee is so fond of would nationalize everything, including automobile manufacturing.

Depending on an essentially bankrupt and out of control government to meet your basic needs is not very wise in my opinion.

Mark J. Gates