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Letter: Invitation to a 'memorial patriotic moment'

Imagine: One sunny summer day you hear the sound of police sirens and quickly look just in time to see the flash of lights as a police car turns the corner. Soon you hear the approaching wail of additional sirens and become aware of more officers in the chase.

Apparently, someone in Woodbury has decided to speak to a group of neighbors from her front lawn and another neighbor has called for help in stopping this assembly, which appears from his window to be a growing protest.

This is our future if the Woodbury City Council bands peaceful protests in residential areas of Woodbury. A citizen who is willing to speak out on issues in public is a patriot of America, not a criminal.

Please join me in a memorial patriotic moment at the new War Memorial Flag plaza next to city hall on April 22, 6 p.m.

We will be honoring those brave men and women of the past and present who lived and died so that we might have freedom of speech, not only at city hall but in our neighborhoods.

The city council ((651) 714-3500) will be meeting and plans to discuss this issue this month.

James Grinols