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Letter: Hunger in Minnesota

Do you know how many Minnesotans go to bed hungry every night?

Hunger is a topic that people hear about frequently, but many do not realize the close proximity of hunger around them.

In 2008, nearly ten percent of Minnesota households struggled with hunger.

The main cause of this is the increasing number of people losing their jobs and the government not stepping in to help out.

Everyone is affected by hunger. Even people who aren't starving are affected because the economy is weakened.

Everyone can also take part in ending hunger. One thing that people can do is volunteer at food shelves.

Another option would be to give money or food to food shelves, and then the employees there can decide where to send the donations.

There are also several organizations which aid in providing food for the hungry such as, Feed My Starving Children, Second Harvest, and Hunger Solutions Minnesota.

These organizations can only do well if they have a great abundance of volunteers to help out.

Hunger exists everywhere, even in the state of Minnesota.

Everyone has power in the issue because any small action can save a person's life.

We challenge you to look further into finding your niche in helping to end the hunger issues in our state.

Megan and Jennie McCarthy


Hill-Murray students