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Letter: Reduce gov't. by cutting spending

The citizen lobbyist Kathryn Berg has obvious special interest ties to the Legislature if she's spending a great deal of time there. (Re: "Lohmer 'Viewpoint' full of conjecture," Bulletin, April 1.)

Common citizens work full-time to pay their bills and tax demands, and have no time to press for government "goodies."

Truth be told, it's the folks lobbying at our capitols that are re-writing our laws and thereby destroying the rights and opportunities of our private sector.

I would hardly reference DFL Sen. Ann Rest as a tax overhauler. Her suggestions promote over-all tax increases and not tax fairness.

In the 57 bills she has chief-authored, all I can find is expanded government powers and spending.

Legislation like hers is driving up the costs that result in budget deficits that require borrowing and/or tax increases.

Minnesota's corporate taxes, when U.S. corporate taxes are added, are the highest in the world. Bona-fide sources verify this.

Our politicians are spending us into extinction as a state and nation. In an effort to create impossible financial equality, liberal thinkers are taxing the lifeblood out of our small businesses and investors.

Government managed "anything" has become a dismal failure.

Every state throughout history lies on the trash heap of this policy's aftermath.

Yet, those elected think they can control human behavior and put our world on a better path.

This is a high ideal, but impossible when repeatedly weighed against human nature.

The answer is to reduce government by cutting unconstitutional spending.

Government is not responsible for citizens' needs, but their protection from force and fraud.

We have opportunities, not promises that limit our freedom to pursue the type and quality of life we wish.

We need legislators who believe government exists to protect our rights and liberty, not as a provider for those who have earned nothing to protect.

Our local state legislators fail this test miserably and their voting records confirm it.

John F. Carlson