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Letter: Lohmer 'Viewpoint' full of conjecture

I am glad that "Viewpoint" (columns) are called that, and not presented as fact, because Kathy Lohmer's Viewpoint ("'Truth' or 'spin' - Decide for yourself," Bulletin, March 25) is full of inaccuracies and is based on ideology and conjecture.

For example, a quick Google search revealed that Minnesota does not have the highest corporate tax in the world. Far from it. Japan does. It isn't even the highest in the country.

As far as the Democrats not offering solutions, it is apparent that she hasn't read DFL Sen. Ann Rest's proposal to completely overhaul the tax system in Minnesota, including eliminating the corporate tax over time.

Conversely, Rep. Julie Bunn includes facts in her document and stays away from emotional appeals. She points out how the governor's budget proposal postpones dealing with the hard issues by borrowing from the future and not paying the schools all the money they are supposed to receive from the state.

It is similar to using one credit card to pay off another credit card. She also points out the weaknesses in what has been proposed to date, recognizing that it can't all be fixed overnight.

I have spent a great deal of time at the state Legislature this year as a citizen lobbyist. I have met with many representatives and senators.

I am very proud of the three women -- Rep. Julie Bunn, Rep. Marsha Swails and Sen. Kathy Saltzman -- who represent the citizens of Woodbury in the state Legislature. They are very thoughtful, informed, and intelligent women who are good listeners and work well with the other representatives.

When other representatives find out that they represent my district, there is always a positive comment forthcoming.

Thanks to them for looking out for the best interests of Woodbury and the state as a whole.

Kathryn Berg