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Letter: An open letter to DFL representatives

Dear Kathy, Marsha and Julie. It appears that all the DFL proposals to solve our state budget problem so far have included a tax increase. I'd like to share my feelings with you and our Woodbury taxpayers.

Our tax system, both the state and the federal, is bad and increasingly reliant on a shrinking number of taxpayers to pay all the bills. The system comes up short in a lot of areas.

It does not foster economic growth. It isn't at all simple and it certainly is not fair.

The one place where it does excel is at redistributing income. This creates a situation in which fewer and fewer people are responsible for paying more and more of the cost of government.

If the GOP wonders why their plea for tax relief doesn't fly, it's because there aren't that many income taxpayers left.

As for the DFL, they historically have raised taxes and redistributed income as a core philosophy. While raising taxes on the few to benefit the many might be a political winner, it's a risky policy.

The problem is that more people will not have a serous stake in what the government does, because they don't pay for it. They will want the services and benefits but they don't pay the price.

Please remember that, at the end of the day, we are all in this together. We have an obligation to help the neediest and surely we should pay to cover that, but a system, where half the people pay no income taxes and the other half pay all the bills, has gone too far.

Maybe instead of raising taxes, it's time to junk the whole system and start over with a code that fosters economic growth for all, not increased redistribution to some. I look forward to your thoughts.

John R. Penas