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Letter: Bullying should be stopped in schools

Bullying is done all over the world. If we stop bullying, it will:

• Promote safe schools

• (Create) a good reputation for the schools

• Make other people's feelings not get hurt

First of all, if we stop bullying it will promote a safe school. I think that we should promote kindness communication and conflict skills just like other schools. There is an international bullying prevention program to prevent bullying. So, if we join it then probably there will be no bullying or just a little. Did you know that 1,600 children don't go to school because they are afraid of being harassed?

Second of all, if we stop bullying it will become a good reputation for the schools. There is an "Oleweus Bullying" prevention program, so if we win that our school might become famous. People say that children need to get along with others. Did you know that one on ten children gets bullied.

Thirdly, if we stop bullying more people's feelings will not get hurt. Researchers in Canada studied 1,970 children and toddlers who regularly pushed, shoved and hit did not become bullies. Bullying is damaging the bully and victim alike.

Lastly, you might say that it will take too much of our time. But if you don't do it then the schools won't be safe. Don't you want a safe school for your kid?

Yash Muley

Bailey Elementary School student