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Letter: Good job county commissioners

Saving the (county) taxpayers $1.4 million is a wonderful achievement -- although how you achieved this does raise a few questions.

I guess, that the elimination of 21 full time jobs is a good thing, except latter we are told that 19 of those positions are already vacant.

So I would also guess that any costs involved with those positions had already been eliminated. That leaves the two positions that you must have identified as very important to the proposed spending cuts.

There must have been tremendous responsibilities involved in these two positions in order to achieve a $1.4 million saving.

I will have to agree with (county commissioner Gary) Kriesel that other employees will have to work very hard to fill in the enormous gap created by eliminating these extraordinary jobs.

I can only hope our Washington County employees are up to the task.

Also, hopefully our commissioners can identify another two or more of those type positions as that would really help in solving the state funding problem.

It seems that this saving is a product brought about by the same type economists that can only fully demonstrate how little they really know about what they think they really know.

I understand that any saving is a good thing, but come on guys and gals it's time to get serious, our economy is going to h---.

We may have to finally face the reality that our government can not be all things to all people.

John R. Penas