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Letter: Complimented chiropractor

I have had a wonderful experience at one of our local businesses and wanted to share this. The business I am referring to is Beyond Chiropractic and specifically Dr. Erika Way.

I first met Dr. Way at Woodbury Days and after discussing my health concerns I was impressed with her knowledge and passion. I have now had several visits and have seen great results.

Dr. Erika takes the extra time with every visit and every phone call to make sure all your questions are answered without you feeling rushed.

I have been so impressed with how thorough and caring she is. I even received an unexpected phone call from her asking how my son was after casually mentioning he was sick the day before.

I have never before had such a wonderful experience at a doctors office.

Her sincerity in wanting true wellness for every human being is immeasurable.

Thank you Dr. Erika for truly being a health advocate. I am so grateful to have someone so passionate on my side.

Rebecca LeVander