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Letter: Bunn comments on editor letters

I would like to thank both John Penas and Steve Ellenwood for their letters to the editor in the Feb. 18 Bulletin regarding my work at the State Capitol.

First, I appreciate Mr. Penas' kind words about the job that Rep. Marsha Swails, Sen. Kathy Saltzman and I are doing in St. Paul on behalf of the residents of District 56.

I concur with Mr. Penas that, while we may not always agree on the path to get there, we all want the best possible future for our community and state.

Second, while I welcome Mr. Ellenwood's input on the budget, his assertion that a first-term lawmaker could bear much -- if not sole -- responsibility for the state's economic downturn is a stretch.

While I have been one voice out of 201 legislators, I have been a consistent, vocal, and strong advocate for fiscal prudence, and I have worked on a bi-partisan basis on budget measures that Gov. Pawlenty has signed into law.

My background as an economist has proved a valuable asset in my legislative decision-making.

Since assuming office in 2007, in addition to chief authoring legislation that brought the state into compliance with federal statutes and lowered taxes, I cast votes against attempts to create a fourth income tax bracket on upper income Minnesotans, chief authored a reformulation of the corporate income tax to make Minnesota more competitive and encourage businesses to locate and grow jobs here, supported property tax relief, and sponsored multiple pieces of government-reform legislation, including chief authoring a major health-care reform bill.

This session I am the chief author of H.F. 990, a measure that increases the state budget reserve, thereby laying a more stable financial foundation to insulate us from future economic shockwaves.

Finding the right balance between our state's needs and our state's resources --and then prudently allocating these resources to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy Minnesota's high quality of life -- is an ongoing challenge, and one that flourishes with the input and suggestions of Minnesota residents.

Again, thank you to Mr. Penas and Mr. Ellenwood for actively participating in our political process.

Julie Bunn

State Representative

House District 56A

Lake Elmo