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Letter: Marketing ethics questioned

I am a loyal member of Anytime Fitness in Oakdale. The owners and the people I've gotten to know there are fantastic, and I'm thrilled to have such a great health club in my community.

A few nights ago when I left the club, I found a flyer on my car for LA Fitness, which is opening soon in Oakdale. The flyers were on every car in the parking lot -- which is a lot specifically for customers of Anytime Fitness and its neighboring businesses.

I can understand wanting to market to local people who work out, but I thought the approach was very distasteful -- so distasteful that it only heightened my loyalty to Anytime Fitness.

I spoke to a lot of other gym members who felt the same way. Hopefully our reactions will send a strong message about how to market to potential customers more ethically.

Jennifer Kroiss