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Viewpoint: Liberal attitude weakens economy

As a conservative who supports limited government I was anxious to hear Democrat legislators explain our recession at a recent town hall meeting; a recession spurred by excessive government and a growing dependent public.

Conservatives suggested limiting government during days of surplus, especially given the federal spending by both parties.

Since those hard choices weren't made in better times, government and the public must curb appetites for subsidies now.

With state and federal deficits mounting, our politicians must cutback. By no fault of their own, taxpayers are losing good paying jobs at an alarming rate.

Those "wealthy" neighbors making a combined HH income of $150,000-$300,000 are being laid off and can't afford the myriad of taxes that special interests and government dependents demand.

Corporations are filing for bankruptcy as a result of government intrusion and a loss of consumer confidence in their state capital or the White House.

The revenue stream is weakening from both the private and corporate sector.

Not only damaging state and federal revenue, but also the waterfall revenue to workers, investors, businesses partners, unions and non-profits that would have benefited from their business and philanthropy.

At the meeting, I expected an outcry by concerned Americans asking legislators to return us to a free market economy, fewer taxes, limited government powers, while demanding a public denouncement of the socialistic stimulus package.

I found the opposite and left questioning my fellow citizen's lack of Constitutional understanding and the state of our democracy.

This crippling liberal attitude toward becoming subjects of the state has weakened not only our economy but our American psyche.

Even a moderate state senator recognized this problem as she attempted to protect businesses and job holders from the crowd's demand for higher taxes.

Yes, the public wants more of your paycheck; the one you're trying to preserve. Who cares if it barely covers your growing expenses and increased taxes, because it's needed to feed a power hungry government and the mob mentality.

Their message: How dare you be independent! We are all connected. It's your moral duty to forcibly care for another, even if that dependent is capable of doing so on their own, like the adult who didn't prioritize buying her $4.00 prescription.

She was presented as one of our most vulnerable by a state representative.

I replied that our son with cerebral palsy was more vulnerable. That he deserves our family's resources before she; it is our responsibility and right to provide for our family before giving to a stranger whose behavior is unknown.

Those blinded by the failed notion of socialized medicine don't understand that a demand on their government is passed along to their neighbor.

Those neighbors' rights are sacrificed, their care compromised by depleted resources and private choices taken away. Or maybe they do but don't care? Is this moral or fair?

The pro-government neighbor or competitor doesn't care about your rights or your employees; instead they push for socialism, a historically proven failed system.

Personal sacrifices don't matter to that individual or political party who wants government powers to serve them by taking from others.

When government subsidizes one group of citizens over another or one industry over another, people are divided -- left to fight for political favoritism.

It's disturbing how we live in a country of unprecedented opportunity and freedoms yet encounter people who demand entitlement to other's earnings and rights.

This shift of responsibility to care for growing sectors of our population and aiding less competitive industries through government will not work.

It is through traditional support of a free people's willingness to help others that we all thrive and reclaim power from politicians.

We are the greatest nation of givers -- volunteerism and charity are a part of our national pride, yet when government redistributes wealth and services to feed power it starves America's willingness to support and connect as private citizens, and it stifles our free market ingenuity; the American spirit dies.

Excessive government oppresses. Excessive power corrupts, creating a government class over its people.

Look no further than the tax-evading nominees to Obama's cabinet, or our own cheat -- Al Franken.

Look at this irresponsible deficit growing, spending bill that won't stimulate anything-remember the failed stimulus rebates under Bush?

Sure, the 20-plus lobbyists in Obama's administration are pleased. The special interest campaign donors are celebrating.

However, hard-working Americans demand better; they reject this historic shift of power from the private citizenry to its rulers.

Our pop-culture says socialism is in vogue, and with it stays uncontested luxuries for our politicians-private planes, drivers, and unjustifiable per diems, built-in pay raises.

History tries to teach us, the Constitution tries to protect us, but we think the situation will correct itself.

Let's be reminded of our founding fathers' early debates and community discussion in local taverns.

They fought for intellectual freedom from tyranny, and for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the face of an oppressive government and illiterate population.

Our American ideals were born from these community debates and they are at risk. Conservatives and moderates must join forces and attend local discussions.

Debate your misguided neighbors so that Americans can realize again what made this country unique and prosperous: self-government.

Support politicians in making good decisions by challenging their viewpoints and offering solutions for long term prosperity, not short term political gain.

One of our Democrat state legislators, who's an economist, surprisingly said, "We are shooting in the dark," when responding to this economic crisis. But, an intelligent citizenry knows better and won't be delivered into servitude.

Marisa Novak of Woodbury is president of The Society of Conservative Women, a local non-profit, non-partisan grassroots group.