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Letter: Proud of his DFL legislators

I never ever thought that I would be writing this letter. I attended a recent town hall meeting and found myself very proud of my DFL legislators, two of which I did everything I could to derail their re-election.

As a conservative Republican, down to the bone, I now have some doubts as to my efforts.

Marsha, Kathy and Julie proved to be very engrossing individuals, energetic and, most of all, involved for the betterment of our community and our state.

I will still find myself not agreeing with every way they plan on doing this, but as the saying goes, the world belongs to who shows up.

As Obama is now my president, these qualified ladies are now my representatives. I wish them all the success possible in these trying economic times.

I do hope that they keep in mind that in the final analysis only the private sector, entrepreneurs and businesses both large and small, can create the millions of jobs that our country needs and that they, on a state level, must do all they can to foster a positive business climate in Minnesota.

I also must commend the 75 to 100 citizens who attended, especially those who stood and spoke. Some expressed concerns over personal situations, but most spoke to the overall success for our state and our nation. I applaud them all. Woodbury should be proud of our reps. and our people.

John R. Penas