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Viewpoint: Writers - Remember the facts

In last week's Bulletin, there was a Viewpoint by Steve Lagoon and a letter from the prolific Thomas St. Martin that I would like to comment on.

Mr. Lagoon is probably right about the trade agreements needing some tweaking or termination. Far too many jobs have been lost by companies taking the work overseas due to these agreements.

What he failed to say was that those jobs would still be here if companies were taxed every time they took an operation overseas.

His second point about millions of jobs being taken by immigrants is off the issue. Many of the jobs being performed by immigrants, either legal or otherwise are jobs that our workforce in America are not willing to do.

I wonder how many residents in the Twin Cities who are unemployed or underemployed would apply for jobs at Baileys Nursery to work the hours needed to provide the products they offer for sale.

How many of our unemployed would work for companies that replace siding and roofing?

If the state and federal government would have required living wages, health insurance and pension programs for all employers, maybe our unemployed or underemployed would have been able to work these jobs and provide for their families.

Where would the people come from that provide the housekeeping service in hotels and motels, nurses aides, housekeeping and food service employees in assisted living and nursing homes?

These are the predominant jobs being worked by those he wants to eliminate from the workforce.

These are the jobs that most immigrants are working at, lawn service, nurseries, hotels, assisting elderly and residents of nursing homes, bus persons in food service establishments, etc.

His solution No. 4 is off by many years. During Ronald Reagan's and the first Bush's reigns, deficits soared.

We had some respite during Bill Clinton's terms.

Then the second Bush presidency put our grandchildren and great grandchildren in a debt that may never recover from.

It was not just the last Bush term, but 16 of the last 24 years that Republicans have held the White House that has created the problem.

Mr. St. Martin suggests that the current occupant of the White House will tell us that huge deficits are a consequence of the Bush policies and part of the Bush legacy.

Mr. St. Martin, the current occupant is only partially correct if that is what is said. They include the Reagan and first Bush terms that helped create the problem. We should not forget them in the equation.

For both of these gentlemen, I say, please remember all the facts.

The real fact is we have major problems facing us and there are a number of things that must be done to correct them.

We need to concentrate on the solutions, not who created the problem.

Shirts is a resident of Woodbury.