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Letter: Need for voucher system shown?

Our DFL majority wants charter schools to stand tall, and as expected our local DFL legislators will or have joined the quest against the competition to the traditional public school system.

(State Sen.) Kathy Saltzman has already weighed in for more investigation into the charters.

Can (State Rep.) Marsha Swails be far behind, as they both carry the bucket for the teachers union.

I question, is it really a concern about the suggested racial and economic segregation and the crossing the line between religion and public education?

Or are they worried about the success of most of the 139 Charters and the threat to the monopoly they now enjoy.

It appears that most of the concerns originated with the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, the teachers' union and DFL legislators who are beholding to and funded by these groups.

They state that the law allowing the charters has been around for 17 years and has never had a thorough review.

If not, Why not? Where have they been for 17 years ?

The problem is another example of poorly written laws with unintended consequences.

Could this show the real need for the voucher system?

John R. Penas