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Letter: Thoughts on abortion article

Women's health and safety is a serious topic and deserves discussion that is medically accurate and scientifically sound.

Steve Lagoon's (Viewpoint, Bulletin, Nov. 19) is an example of the polarizing and extremist language that has defined the conversation for decades and done nothing to help women access the health care that they need to avoid unintended pregnancy and build healthier, stronger futures.

Under an Obama administration, there will be real progress toward comprehensive health care reform effort to ensure that all individuals have access to quality, affordable health care that includes access to the full range of reproductive health care services.

It is clear there is a health care crisis in this country: nearly 46 million Americans are uninsured and an additional 25 million have insurance but lack sufficient access to services.

Planned Parenthood is helping to meet the growing need for affordable health care, yet more than 17 million women nationwide still need publicly funded family planning services.

Everyday, Planned Parenthood does more to prevent unintended pregnancy by providing women with affordable, accessible health care -- the one thing we know reduces the need for abortion.

It's time to move this conversation forward in a meaningful way that will positively impact the health of women and families in our state.

Tori Onesirosan