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Letter: Keep the 4X4 class schedule

Hey parents, wake up! What is best for kids?

The two worst entities in education are the state Legislature that mandates programs without funding and the central administration in your district.

This time, the District 833 central administration wants to reinvent something to justify their existence. They are not listening to the experts -- the teachers -- who actually do teach your kids.

With regards to the proposed change of schedule in District 833 senior highs, the 4X4 schedule already in place is by far the best schedule I have seen and worked with in 40 years teaching (32 years in 833).

Yes, it can be tweaked a little to improve it, but a return to a 6X3 schedule is a mistake. The 4X4 schedule is the one that works in the best interests of students.

[There is] more time for individual attention to students' needs; students have only four classes to concentrate on during the term, not to mention taking exams, including final exams.

[There are] four classes to do homework in for the student, fewer teachers to deal with each term for the student and less time wasted going from room to room, fewer student supplies needed, more time spent on enriching curriculum for the which cannot be measured by typical means and many more advantages.

Parents, start listening to the teachers that work with your students and demand that the 4X4 schedules be retained, possibly tweaked by central administration. The 6X3 schedule is obsolete.

Talk to the experts, the teachers of your kids.

Tom Nelson