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Viewpoint: Writer's response was 'flat out wrong'

In a recent letter to the Bulletin, one of Woodbury's most vocal abortion advocates, Joyce Denn, dogmatically stated that a previous writer, Steve Lagoon, was "flat out wrong" in saying that Barack Obama, as an Illinois state senator, "voted to deny medical care for babies who survive an abortion..."

As it turns out, it is Denn who is flat out wrong. This is why:

1) Denn claims that "Illinois law already required physicians to protect the lives of a fetus born alive..."

The fact, rather, is that clear loopholes made the existing law essentially unenforceable.

Moreover, the state's attorney general had ruled that discarding abortion survivors, allowing them to die unattended, did not violate the law as it was then written, thus providing the impetus for introduction of the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA).

2) Even if the babies involved were "pre-viable," as Denn cavalierly contends, the fact is that they were being left in utility rooms to suffer and die, a process that would sometimes take hours.

BAIPA simply required humane treatment for these babies. So much for the saccharin nonsense about letting the baby die in its mother's arms.

3) The Illinois BAIPA, as written, applied only to human beings who are living and who are completely expelled from their mothers. The legislation only said that these living, born human beings are persons under the law.

4) Not all born alive infants are pre-viable: given appropriate care, some may be able to survive.

Significantly also, prior to passage of BAIPA, Illinois law permitted the abortionist to determine "viability, thus in no way preventing "viable" babies from being left to die unattended. Obama voted against closing this loophole in the then existing law.

5) Yes, Obama said that he would have supported the federal version of BAIPA because it contained a so-called "neutrality" clause that reassured the most ardent abortion advocates that it had no effect on abortion "rights."

Subsequently, however, documents found in the Illinois senate archives indicated that although Obama voted in committee to make the Illinois version of BAIPA identical to its federal counterpart (which had passed unanimously), he then proceeded to vote against the act as amended, misrepresenting his vote for years.

Denn is apparently unaware of these facts and the controversy surrounding them.

6) Any contrary rhetoric notwithstanding, Obama has pledged to support the so-called Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), a proposal which, if it were to become law, would invalidate any existing laws protecting women and their unborn children.

And which would, almost certainly, significantly increase the number of abortions performed in the United States. As if 50 million and counting is not enough.

St. Martin is a resident of Woodbury.