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Letter: Embarassed for Washington County

What a great deal for Washington County.

The Transit Improvement Board, (you know, the group deciding how to spend your new transit sales tax ) the group that Washington County rushed to join, has just allocated as to where its newest $86 million is going to be spent.

The biggest chunk goes to -- guess who -- the Metropolitan Council (with) over $30 million to help cover some of its operating deficits.

Then St. Paul's light rail rides in strong with over $26 million. Fridley, $10 million for commuter rail. $7 million to Apple Valley. Over $7 million to the Hiawatha light rail. Four million dollars to North Star rail. I don't see any roads or bridges represented in these figures. This Transit has very little if anything to do with the vast majority of commuters.

Oh, I forgot, Washington County got $950,000 for a Forest Lake to Minneapolis bus rout.

I guess that shows us which end of the pig that Washington County represents. But hold on to your hats, gang.

Myra Peterson and Dennis Hegberg think this is an exciting time for Washington County. We give somebody $5 million and they give us $1 million back and we say how exciting.

I say how embarrassing.

John R. Penas