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Letter: Lohmer thanks her supporters

Thank you to all the voters of District 56A who met with and talked to me over the past eight months as I went door to door. It was my pleasure to meet so many wonderful people in the l0 communities which represent this district.

I am disappointed today. But I have no regrets. My team and I worked very hard and ran a campaign with integrity and openness. I ran on a less government, lower taxes with accountability in spending, and continued privatized health care platform.

My message resonated with l0,000 voters. As a first time candidate, I am proud of our efforts. My goal was to be the citizen representative, not a career politician, but a public servant.

I want to thank my many, many volunteers and supporters who worked so very hard and supported me with their time, talents and finances as well. I never accepted any special interest money and was fully funded early on in the campaign. I believe in the grassroots efforts which have made our country so great. And it is why I love America.

Kathy Lohmer

Lake Elmo