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Letter: Response to a previous letter about Kathy Lohmer

I'm not sure what Janet Carlson's (Letters, Bulletin, Oct. 22) sources for these comments were, but they are utter nonsense.

She completely ignores Kathy Lohmer's published positions on issues or has no idea what she's writing about. A brief peek at Lohmer's website would have negated her need for this politically charged, non-factual letter. However, let's get the answers straight.

Minnesota has among the highest combined state and federal corporate tax rates in the world. 3M has moved much of its operations out of state and saved seven percent on state taxes.

We've lost State Farm Insurance, Honeywell (once Minnesota's largest employer) and numerous other companies, then replaced them with government jobs. The impact of this job loss is reduced State taxes while increasing State expenditures.

However, as taxes on businesses decrease, jobs increase as expansion capital is available. The Kennedy, Reagan and Bush tax cuts all increased government tax income while also increasing jobs. If you check Kathy Lohmer's website, she also wants income and real estate taxes cut across the board.

Decreasing government health care spending will reduce health care costs for everyone. Lohmer has openly supported de-regulating State mandates and allowing residents to buy their plans in any state they wish, based on their specific needs.

Do you tailor your auto, life, disability, homeowners and any others insurances to your needs? Open-market solutions improve competition and reduce costs. I see all insurances as a voluntary sharing of risk and have the option to buy it or not at my own peril. Freedom requires making choices, but also accepting the risks and responsibilities.

Frankly, government plans promote less personal responsibility and ever increasing demand for more services paid for by those who are already paying their own way. How about everybody quits their jobs and relies on the government? How sustainable is that? Julie Bunn and the DFL voted for this expansion and increasing taxes to support it. Waiting six months for a cat-scan isn't my idea of good medicine.

It's regulation, not de-regulation, that created the Wall Street mess. When the government commits the taxpayers to guarantee investments like the Community Reinvestment Act and the raft of unqualified and speculative real estate investments that followed, that's bad policy and put the country at risk. The Green Solutions Act demands egregious increases in utility costs to subsidize non-profit special interest groups and selected manufacturers while having negligible environmental benefits. That's also bad policy. The first is federal, the second is State, but both will add huge burdens to our tax liabilities and costs of living.

Kathy believes that government has grown well beyond the reason for its creation and our Constitution's limits. She believes that it needs to be fiscally responsible, well managed and prioritized based on its true purpose, to protect our rights and property.

Kathy's positions on issues are solid and promote the solvent operation of our State, not excessive spending and never-ending expansion. We must replace the fiscal irresponsibility with common-sense and balanced leadership. That's Kathy!

Greg Lohmer

Lake Elmo