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Letter: Bohlsen's old, old, old phrases

It is interesting to read the headlines, then viewpoints of our political candidates. In a recent Bulletin, the headline on Lee Bohlsen's Viewpoint was, "Put community first, politics second."

What an eye-catching headline.

However, what followed is the same old Republican line regarding taxing and spending. This viewpoint could have been written by the previous three Republican candidates.

In her fourth paragraph she says, "Tax increases need to halt. Crippling taxes used for 'pork projects' need to end."

I am wondering where, in Minnesota tax policy, there are "pork projects." I could understand her spouting this phrase if she was running for Congress or U. S. Senate, where pork projects are a concern, but not here at home. Is that the newest Republican buzz phrase whether it applies or not?

She uses the same old, old, old phrases about cutting taxes, cutting government spending and regulations driven by special interests. This is the same campaign slogan [jargon] that has been around for years.

What happened when our governor vetoed increases in spending? Cities had to increase levees to provide police, fire, ambulance and other basic services. "Fees" for services were increased. Our infrastructure began to fail.

Is the answer just raising taxes, or cutting taxes? No to both. What is needed is for our elected officials to examine all aspects of our needs to exist as a community. If we cut taxes, services could suffer. We might need to start charging people who utilize police, fire or other services a "fee" to cover expenses.

If we cut taxes, what we expect from our city government might need a "fee" to operate.

I am sure that Ms. Bohlsen would not want to be charged a "fee" if the police or fire departments had to come to her rescue over any issue.

The simple, old, old, old "cut taxes, cut spending, cut services to needy folks will just not work. Are there items or programs in our spending that could be modified? Probably, but common sense must be the key to making those changes.

We don't need the old "no new taxes" nonsense to continue to create problems for our government.

What we need is to continue and improve our quality of life for all members of our community, state and nation. Just cutting taxes will not provide that.

John W. Shirts