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Letter: Bachmann is not a 'Bush lackey'

It seems that George W. is not too popular these days, being blamed for everything from global warming to bank failures. Bush bashing, then, is definitely "in."

So why not tie every Republican candidate to George's tarnished coat tails, telling the voters that a vote for anyone on the "R" ticket will do nothing but perpetuate the Bush legacy.

The resulting rhetorical mischief is, of course, effective. Regrettably, however, it radically distorts our perceptions of Republican candidates, including sixth district congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann, in fact, has rejected several important aspects of the Bush agenda. She holds, for example, that "No Child Left Behind" is a one-size-fits all, Washington knows best program that should be scrapped.

She has, in fact, supported legislation that would return control of our schools to parents, teachers and local school boards.

She has also opposed the taxpayer funded $700 bailout bill, a bill which, among other things, quickly morphed into a colossal piece of pork barrel legislation. She proposes instead commonsense alternatives that would have minimized taxpayer exposure, leaving Wall Street to bail out Wall Street.

The bottom line? When the "D's" tell you that Rep. Bachmann is just another Bush lackey, firmly tell them that they are pinning the wrong tail on the wrong elephant.

Thomas St. Martin