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Letter: Lee Bohlsen is clueless

(The Oct. 8 Bulletin) Viewpoint column by Republican candidate Lee Bohlsen would be funny if it weren't so frightening.

Bohlsen must have been living on another planet for the past few months.

She apparently doesn't know that America's private sector economy is in a catastrophic meltdown precisely because of too little "state intervention."

Her comments are straight out of the Republican playbook of 1980, which is why they don't make much sense today.

For the past eight years, the Republican-controlled Congress has given George Bush everything he wanted -- tax cuts for the rich, total deregulation of the banking and financial industries, and zero enforcement of anti-trust laws.

The result has been the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. We're in the mess of today because Republicans allowed the mega-giant insurance, banking and finance companies to ignore the public interest in pursuit of ever greater power and profits.

And when their own greed brought these economic giants to their knees, who did they crawl to for help? The government. Can you say hypocrite, Ms. Bohlsen?

Calling for more tax cuts and less regulation in today's economic crisis is like calling for more gasoline and less water when your house is burning down. Lee Bohlsen is clueless.

That's why I'm supporting Marsha Swails, the incumbent, for State Rep in 56B.

Marsha Kelly