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Letter: Which way does Bunn lean?

In response to Keith Bogut of Lake Elmo, home to Julie Bunn, I plead guilty to being a conservative Republican, (Letters, Bulletin, Oct. 1) but I question the mouthpiece part of his statement.

One does not have to live in the district of a state official to question the policy directions they take. I would not consider this attacking, as you imply.

Not only do I not, nor have I ever, criticized Bunn for wanting to stabilize government revenue, in fact, I laud her for that ambition.

My question asks, how does she hope to do that, by controlling spending or by raising taxes? My question still stands, which way is the candidate leaning?

I did not foster cutting, as you erroneously stated. I advocate a hard look at controlling our spending, as you seem to agree with in the closing statements of your letter.

My understanding of state revenues, leads me to think that wiser decisions on how and where our tax dollars are spent would be a worthy goal in helping our taxpayers in these trying economic times. Would you not agree?

By the way, I have yet to see any of that bipartisan stuff you mention. It looks as though the DFL majority has had its way.

John R. Penas