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Letter: Re-elect Marsha Swails on Nov. 4

What a pleasure it has been to have Marsha Swails as Woodbury's state representative over the past two years.

Marsha's responsiveness to her constituents, her bi-partisan and open approach to lawmaking, and her friendly demeanor make her a valuable public servant.

Whether the issue is property tax relief, education, jobs, or health care, she is a quick study, does her homework, and delivers for the Woodbury community.

I am particularly glad that Representative Swails puts her constituents first and is truly an independent voice to Woodbury at the Capitol.

It's refreshing that our community is represented by a legislator who is just as tired of partisan politics as the rest of us.

Please join me in re-electing Marsha Swails to the Minnesota House on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Carol Pressley