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Letter: 'Push poll' calls are disgusting

Karl Rove's Republican tactics have trickled down to my house.

I received a "push" poll phone call on Sept. 15 which upset me a lot. The caller made false statements to push me away from supporting my legislator, Julie Bunn, and seemed to want me to feel negatively about Julie Bunn.

The "push" poll questioner, for example, said that within weeks of entering office Julie voted herself a 17 percent pay increase.

Well, I asked Julie Bunn, and the truth is that legislators received no pay increase, and have not in nine years. Julie turned down the increase in per diem that was passed. Julie ranks 100th out of 134 in amount of per diem received by House members in 2007.

All east metro Republican House members received more per diem than Julie.

She also authored legislation to post per diem information for the public [HR0003] and to prohibit per diem payments during special sessions [HF0095].

These calls are disgusting. These calls mock our democracy and the Republicans should be ashamed of themselves.

If you get such a call, beware: truth has nothing to do with it.

Claire Dunlap